Trouble With Bitcoin Cli Regtest

1 May 2019.

Applications, Governance and Unsolved Issues.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Friday.

bitcoin-cli -regtest AddNode <ipaddress> onetry.

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26 Dec 2017.

Launch an instance of bitcoind in regtest mode. $ bitcoind -daemon -regtest # Generate some new blocks. You must generate at least 432 to.

network=NETWORK Select the network parameters (bitcoin, testnet, or regtest). This is not.

bitcoin-cli=PATH The name of bitcoin-cli executable to run.

bitcoin -rpcport=PORT The bitcoind(1) RPC port to connect to.

You should report bugs on our github issues page, and maybe submit a fix to gain our eternal gratitude!

Creating a Local Bitcoin Testnet / Regtest - Programming BitcoinYou can configure it by passing arguments: bcoin-cli --network=regtest info bcoin -cli info.

bcoin RPC calls mimic Bitcoin Core's RPC. RPC Calls are.

"difficulty": 4.6565423739069247e-10, "mediantime": 1527028558, "verificationprogress".

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