Money Transfer App Abra Launches Bitcoin Multi

Money transfer app abra launches bitcoin multi-sig walletThe coronavirus pandemic is a turning point for the payments industry, as the companies that invested heavily in digital and.

Searched for bitcoin on the Abra homepage; Didn't find it; Surprisingly satisfied. The beauty of bitcoin will be the underlying protocol of money. People won't even need to know it's there. I have massively high hopes for this app and truly wish Bill and his team all the success in the world.

Abra has developed an easy-to-use app for managing investments in crypto currencies. Their use of multi-sig technology in bitcoin and litecoin to create investment contracts is quite powerful. That they have done it in a super user-friendly way is commendable.

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Money Transfer App Abra Launches Bitcoin Multi-Sig Wallet. Bitcoin MagazineNovember 2017. Abra Adds Ether, Launches New Multi-sig Wallet for Holding Digital Assets. Bitcoin MagazineOctober 2017. Abra Closes $16M in Funding and Looks to Venture Into Consumer Product Space. CoinDeskOctober 2017. Foxconn Backs $16 Million Series B for Bitcoin Startup Abra

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