High-end lighting control for everyone
Installation in a couple of hours

Control all lights with a single wireless switch. Try the demo!

Save money and get better lighting

Wireless and batteryless switches can be placed wherever you want. You decide what your switches do. Adding a new switch to the system only takes 30 seconds!
Control your lighting with your iOS and Android devices – wherever you are. Download the free app from App Store (iOS) and from Play Store (Android).
Less wirings -> less installation -> less money spent. Install a wireless switch to a desired position with a couple of screws or two-sided tape and you are ready — without an electrician.
With Houm components, all your existing lights can be controlled from halogen bulbs and color leds to motorised blinds.

Why Houm?

How and when should I get Houm?



How it works

All connected devices are controlled by the Houm central unit. The central unit takes commands from wireless switches and mobile devices, and decides how intense the lighting should be.


UNDER-CONSTRUCTION PROPERTIES Installing Houm in properties that are under-construction is extremely easy. Wireless dimmers are connected to existing wiring.

NEW PROPERTIES In new properties Houm is installed in the electrical cabinet, which is made ready for installation by the electrical cabinet's manufacturer.



How many square meters?


You need approximately 1 central unit (), dimmer modules and wireless switches.

Houm is a wireless system: the switches are wireless and battery free. That's why you save money with Houm. Electrical planning is simpler and there is less electrical wiring to be done. No chiseling, no dust, no cleaning. By using Houm, you will save roughly  € on electrical planning, material costs and electrical work.
Ask for a detailed quote

Renovation costs drop
up to 70% due to
reduced amount
of wirings.

A large and burdensome phase, wiring switches, can be skipped. No more chiseling, no more dust. Install a wireless switch wherever you want with a couple of screws or two-sided tape. If you change your mind or change decoration and move furniture, just detach and relocate the switch — without an electrician.

Simple lighting control
always with you

Go to sleep, leave your house - turn off all the lights with a single press with your smartphone or a wireless switch. Timing and automation do this for you.

Better and more practical

Lighting is half of your decor. Dimming makes the usage of powerful light sources and creating different lighting moods possible.

We can do the planning and
installation for you if you like
Yes please!


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